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Bert's Credit, Joint Check and Tax Forms

Below are the Bert's Paint Credit Application, Joint Check Agreement and the Arizona Form 5000 Tax Exemption Certificate.

Color Card

Industrial Color Card: Sun/Steelwater reducible Alkyds.



*Please note the color on your monitor may not be representative of the printed chip.

*Actual color of manufactured product may vary slightly from the chart/chip.


Zero VOC Colorant

Bert's Paint is now using Zero VOC colorant for the entire line of Sun/Steel products. This means no matter what color your paint is tinted the VOC will remain unchanged for your VOC reporting.

Welcome to Bert's Paint

Bert's Paint is a full service paint store featuring:

  • Premium water reducible alkyd coatings
  • Water reducible alkyd primers
  • DTM acrylics
  • Specialty manufactured OEM colors
  • Architectural finishes
  • Industrial coatings, epoxies and urethanes
  • Automotive finishes
  • Paint related sundries

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